Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner: ‘I’m a romantic fool’

Singer says he 'can't help but write love songs'

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has opened up about his songwriting habits, calling himself “a romantic fool”.

The singer, who released his first solo output as the soundtrack to the film Submarine earlier this year, has spoken about the ballads that appear on his band’s new album ‘Suck It And See’, including tracks like ‘Piledriver Waltz’, which appeared on both releases.

Asked by the Baltimore Sun how he wrote the slower tracks on his band’s fourth album, he replied: “I am a romantic fool, no doubt about that. I can’t help myself but write those songs. I spend a bit of time sitting on the couch with an acoustic guitar — taking breaks, having a cigarette, going to the window then going back. When you do that, you end up doing a lot more of that romantic stuff, probably too much.”

Turner also revealed that the band have held off their usual itchy feet about wanting to return to the studio after they spend more than six months on tour, adding that the band want to give ‘Suck It And See’ a big push.

He added:

Usually by now we get itchy feet and want to get back in the studio, but we haven’t started doing that yet. That’s more about this record rather than slowing down. We want to give it the best shot.

The Sheffield band are currently touring North America, but will return to the UK for a full arena tour, which starts in October.

You can watch a video interview with Turner talking about how the band wrote their single ‘I Bet You Look On The Dancefloor’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.