P Diddy ‘teaching Arctic Monkeys hip-hop ways’, jokes Matt Helders

Sheffield group set to meet up with the rap mogul in a few weeks

Arctic Monkeys have joked that rapper P Diddy is teaching them “hip-hop ways”.

The rap mogul, who struck up an unlikey friendship with the Sheffield group last year, is meeting with the band when they tour the US next month.

“We speak to him at least three times a week,” drummer Matt Helders wryly told The Mirror “We are going to Miami in a few weeks and are going to be hanging out with him. He’s going to be teaching us the hip-hop ways.”

When asked if they are planning to work on a track together, Helders added: “He’s a good mate, so it would be fun.”

Last year, Diddy joked about joining the group when he hung out with them in New York as they recorded last album ‘Humbug’.

Taking to his Twitter page, he tweeted: “Just kickin’ it wit my boy Matt [Helders] from the Arctic Monkeys! I’m the newest member of the group! I’m signing him to Bad Boy [Diddy‘s record label].”

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Arctic Monkeys beat Muse to Best Live Band at Shockwaves NME Awards and despite winning admitted that the band were scared of playing arenas.