Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner on the riots: ‘Why has this country produced mindless thugs?’

Singer speaks out over last month's looting

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has spoken out over the recent London riots.

The singer, who was in the US when the summer riots broke out, said more needs to be done to find out why they happened.

“They certainly didn’t seem to have a focus in the way I am told the riots of the early 1980s did,” he told NME‘s sister paper Uncut. “I mean I wasn’t born then, but they say they were much more about politics and not just blokes out on the rob.”

Turner continued: “The thing is that, even if you buy what the papers are saying and assume everyone involved is just some mindless thug or whatever they’re calling them, I think we still need to ask why this country has produced so many mindless thugs.”

He went on:

I mean you can’t just treat this thing as if it was entirely unrelated to anything else. If all these kids are hooligans and thieves, then why are they all hooligans and thieves?

A warehouse holding large amounts of stock for the UK’s leading independent record labels including Arctic Monkeys‘ label was destroyed in the riots last month.