Arctic Monkeys announce ‘Cornerstone’ will be next single

Sheffield band also confirm B-side details for new release

Arctic Monkeys are set to release three new B-sides on forthcoming new single ‘Cornerstone’, they have announced.

The Sheffield band will release the single on November 16, with new songs ‘Catapult’, ‘Sketchead’, and ‘Fright Lined Dining Room’ available across its release formats.

All the B-sides will be available on the 10-inch single release of the single. ‘Catapult’ will be available as the B-side of the seven-inch single. All the song swill be available to download, but there will be no ‘Cornerstone’ CD release.


Although yet to release details, the band are set to team up with Oxfam again for the single release. They previously made the seven-inch vinyl of last single ‘Crying Lightning’ available to buy exclusively in branches of the charity shop.

‘Cornerstone’ will be the second single release from Arctic Monkeys‘ third album, ‘Humbug’, which was released in August.