Arctic Monkeys recorded bit of ‘Humbug’ at ‘mad desert structure’

Alex Turner talks about how part of new album was recorded

Arctic MonkeysAlex Turner has revealed that the band recorded a part of forthcoming new album ‘Humbug’ in a structure initially built after the man behind it was inspired by a night visit from a “being”.

The singer/guitarist told NME‘s sister title Uncut that the Sheffield four-piece recorded part of ‘Secret Door’ at a structure named Integration near the Joshua Tree in California, when the group were recording with Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Josh Homme.

“It’s a structure erected by a fellow called George Van Tassel,” he explained, “who had a visit in the night from some kind of being who instructed him to build an acoustically sound dome involving an electro-magnet.

“It’s believed that the objective in building this thing was to recharge or rejuvenate human cells, except he never finished it before he died. It’s a mad place. We did a little recording of ‘Secret Door’ there one night.”

‘Humbug’, Arctic Monkeys‘ third album, is released on August 24. See the September issue of Uncut for the full interview with Turner.