‘Crying Lightning’ Arctic Monkeys actually struck by lightning

Band's tourbus affected by single namesake

Arctic Monkeys, who recently released their song ‘Crying Lightning’ as a single, have revealed they were actually struck by lightning this summer.

The band, who announce details of a November arena tour this morning (September 7), say the incident happened in Germany while they were touring.

“We got struck by lightning near Hanover in the bus, and the bus broke down,” Alex Turner told his local paper, south Yorkshire‘s The Star. “We had a nightmare journey getting out here, but we’ve forgotten about it now.”

He added that the band enjoyed the extended break between their latest album ‘Humbug’ and 2007’s ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’.

“It was just good to have a break – not only for us but to let everyone breathe a bit,” explained the singer. “I think we needed to calculate this album a bit more, take a bit more time with it.”