Arctic Monkeys-featuring film to premiere this month

Shane Meadows film 'Le Donk' to premiere in Edinburgh

Arctic Monkeys make an appearance in director Shane Meadows‘ new movie ‘Le Donk’, which is set to premiered later this month.

The movie, which premieres at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 23, is about a roadie named Donk (played by Paddy Considine) who attempts to make Nottingham rapper Scorz-Ayz-Ee (who plays himself) a star.

Along the way the duo get a helping hand from Arctic Monkeys, as well as 50,000 of their fans at the band’s 2007 Lancashire County Cricket Club (Old Trafford) gigs, during which some of the movie was filmed.

Watch a trailer for the film by clicking below.

Writing on his official forum at shortly before filming took place, Meadows revealed that he had originally been approached by the Arctic Monkeys about working together.

“A couple of months back I was asked to get involved with shooting a film with the Arctic Monkeys at their Old Trafford concert (happening over the last weekend of July),” he wrote.

He added: “I didn’t really see myself making a concert film on a par with ‘Woodstock’, so declined, but after talking to Paddy [Considine] about how gutted I was that we have never made anything with the character of ‘Donk‘ the penny dropped and I realised that we had a golden platform for ‘Le Donk’ staring us in the face.”

The comedy was shot for £30,000 and is largely improvised, according to It will be released on DVD this September.

Meadows has previously directed films including ‘This Is England’ and ‘A Room for Romeo Brass’.

Considine previously starred in Arctic Monkeys‘ video for their single ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’.

Watch a trailer for ‘Le Donk’ by clicking below.