Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s brush with Russian Army

The Last Shadow Puppets post new footage online

Alex Turner and Miles Kane have posted up more teaser footage from their The Last Shadow Puppets project.

The Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals frontmen, who have recorded the album ’The Age Of The Understatement’ together (released on April 21), have put some Super 8 footage of themselves on their website

The grainy film shows the band walking past Russian troops and includes shots of the Moscow underground.

It is believed that the footage is from the video shoot for their debut single – also called ‘The Age Of The Understatement’ (out April 14) – which the pair exclusively told NME.COM they were filming in the Russian capital.

“We’ve been in Russia, we’ve done the biggest video ever,” explained Kane. “It’s going to look great. The pair of us have been heading around various places in Moscow. I won’t reveal it all yet, but wait until you see it – it will blow your head.”

Ricky Gervais’ long-lost brother is in it, I think,” joked Turner. “We haven’t really been out, but the places where we’ve been shooting are mad and that. I’d like to come again on a weekend or something.”