Arctic Monkeys to start work on third album this month

Band set for Sheffield songwriting sessions

Arctic Monkeys are set to reconvene this month to begin writing their third album.

Speaking to BBC 6Music at the Glastonbury festival, guitarist Jamie Cook said that the work on the band’s second album, 2007’s ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’, would take place in the their hometown of Sheffield.

“We are gonna get our fingers out next month [July],” he said. [We’ll] get back in his [Alex Turner, singer/guitarist] room in Sheffield and start writing some tunes.”

When asked about what direction the band might take for the album, Cook was unsure.

“I don’t know yet, we could go any way. I’m excited,” he said. “[At the] end of last year when we had been touring for a long time, we just needed a bit of a rest. But we are eager to get back in.”

He added that it would be good to get back together, after the changes in the bandmembers’ lives over the last year.

“It’s kind of weird,” he explained. “Al‘s moved down to London now and we haven’t seen each other for a bit. But we all keep on meeting up.

“[At] the end of last year we had seen each other constantly for four years. Sleeping on a bus and waking up next to each other, it was like, ‘I do not want to see you for about… for a long time!’ But then you are kind of weirdly missing each other.”