Fans slate Kooks’ Luke Pritchard over Arctic Monkeys feud

Singer slated after revealing Alex Turner beef

Fans have slated The Kooks‘ frontman Luke Pritchard after he revealed he has an ongoing feud with Alex Turner.

Arctic Monkeys‘ supporters commented in their droves on NME.COM, attacking the Brighton-based frontman.

Some have gone as far as dismiss The Kooks frontman’s revelations that he “had to kick Turner in the head” as a “desperate attempt to get some publicity”, suggesting that “Alex Turner would never contacted the [Daily Mirror‘s] 3AM Girls to discuss something like this.””

While others have cited petty jealousy towards his rival frontman as the reason for the incident.

One fan said: “Sorry Luke, you’ll just have to deal with always being in Alex‘s shadow.”

However, fans that’ve meet Pritchard in the past have played down the incident, which has been described as “the girl’s school equivalent of Noel vs Damon”, to his arrogance.

In contrast Turner’s apparent decision to ignore Pritchard’s attempts to apologise have been praised by some users, as one fan summed-up: “Apart from actual talent, the difference between Alex Turner and Luke Pritchard is class.”

However there was at least one Kooks fan who backed their singer, telling NME.COM “I prefer The Kooks. They aren’t as overrated, or as stuck up!”

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