Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders discusses pub plans

He's not opening his own boozer yet though...

Arctic Monkeys‘ drummer Matt Helders is not opening his own pub, contrary to reports last month.

The Daily Mirror reported that Helders had bought The Bowery pub in Sheffield with ex-Arctic Monkey Andy Nicholson, but the drummer and DJ has actually only opened a clothes shop above a pub that his mates have bought.

However, speaking to, Helders did reveal he has aspirations of being a publican one day, declaring that his boozer will be called The Cautious Horse.

“I don’t know where [it’d be] as in location, but I’d want it to be underground, so it didn’t look like a pub really,” he speculated. “It’d just be a door with The Cautious Horse and you’d go downstairs, you’d probably have to know about it I’d say.”

Helders also offered advice to underage drinkers wanting to gain entry to the hypothetical pub, suggesting they invest in “fake moustaches”.

“When I was 16 and getting turned away it was the worst thing ever, especially if your mates get in,” he noted, adding his future establishment would look fondly on disguises. “I’d be welcoming fake moustaches though. If that happened, I’d just be like ‘oh, I can’t say no, you’ve made an effort’.”

Matt Helders is set to release a ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation, which features a cover of Livin’ Joy’s ‘Dreamer’, on October 13.

Check out this week’s NME, on newsstands nationwide now (September 17), for an exclusive interview with Arctic Monkeys about their about their ‘Arctic Monkeys At The Apollo’ film.