Arctic Monkeys release new songs secretly

The group have adopted pseudonym for the vinyl

Arctic Monkeys have released two new songs on a limited edition vinyl under a pseudonym.

The band’s record company Domino announced the release of a seven-inch release from a band called The Death Ramps, featuring the tracks ‘Death Ramps’ and ‘Nettles’.

Both these tracks feature as B-sides to the band’s new single ‘Teddy Picker’, which is out on Monday (December 3).


Another B-side featured in the package is ‘Bad Woman’, which features Richard Hawley guesting on vocals.

The vinyl, limited to 250 copies, is being sold via Domino’s website though the label are not confirming who is behind it, explaining: “Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to tell you the true identity of The Death Ramps but needless to say they’re a band with A Certain Romance (wink, wink).”