Arctic Monkeys reveal their favourite worst nightmares

Band's darkest dreams are inspired by Hollywood

Arctic Monkeys have revealed to NME what their favourite worst nightmares are.

Speaking in this week’s issue the Sheffield four-piece let us in on their deepest darkest dream secrets, most of which are inspired by Hollywood movies.

Frontman Alex Turner admitted that his favourite worst nightmare involved being chased by ‘Sin City’ star Jessica Alba.


“We had this one where Jessica Alba was chasing after you but she’s a vampire,” he revealed. “So it’s a laugh but then she gets you so you’re like, ‘Shit!’ But then you’re vampire friends and you roam together.”

Drummer Matt Helders said his darkest dream was inspired by Hollywood movie ‘Lost In Translation’.

He added: “It would be jumping off a high building. When we were in Japan we went to Park Hyatt Tokyo where ‘Lost In Translation’ were filmed and I was looking out of the window thinking, ‘I’d love to jump off a building but I wouldn’t want to die’.”

Meanwhile, guitarist Jamie Cook said his favourite worst nightmare saw him becoming a porn star while bassist Nick O’Malley revealed that his own featured Bruce Willis.

“I have this one where Bruce Willis were my dad, people were trying to kill him and I had to protect him,” he said.

For more on the Arctic Monkeys and frontman Alex Turner‘s love secrets check out this week’s NME, on newsstands today (April 25).


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