Arctic Monkeys reveal all about new album

The band tell NME when they want it to come out

Arctic Monkeys hope to have the follow-up to their all-conquering debut album out at the beginning of next year.

The band reveal in this week’s NME that they have the majority of the follow-up to ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ is written, and are about to go in the studio to commence work on it.

UK live shows are also expected before the end of the year.


Frontman Alex Turner said: “We’ll do a few gigs in December, but we’re going to start rehearsing on Friday (8th, last week) for the new record and we’re going in next month to do some recording.

When asked how many songs he had written for it, Turner revealed: “About 13 or 14 songs, but it’s in different states. It might be just an idea, it might be something I’ve done with someone played on acoustics and some of them we all know it already, all the arrangements and shit like that.”

When asked if their target release date of January was still possible, drummer Matt Helders admitted: “It will probably be a bit later, but you never know. I think from our point of view we could have it ready for then.”

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