Arctic Monkeys get to work on new album

The NME Album Of The Year winners have six new songs

Arctic Monkeys have started working on a bunch of new tracks for their next album.

The NME Album Of The Year winners say they have already written six new songs for the follow up to ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ including ‘D If For Danger’, ‘This House Is A Circus’, ‘The Bakery Song’, ‘Plastic Tramp’, ‘Balaclava’ and an unnamed track which is likely to feature as a b-side.

They are currently laying down the songs in a London studio with a number of producers including Klaxons and Mystery Jets producer James Ford.

Of the new tracks, bassist Nick O’Malley described ‘This House Is A Circus’ as a “banger”.

Singer Alex Turner told the Observer Music Monthly: “There’s something about it. Maybe it’s just new, but it’s just exciting. It’s got some good rhymes in. “This house is a circus… berserk as fuck.” I suppose it’s a place you keep going back to – it could be an actual physical building, I suppose, or a headspace you go into.”

Of the other tracks ‘D Is For Danger’ is described as a “short and groovy” number, while ‘Balaclava’ depicts a radical boy-girl-boy scenario.

Turner also unveiled a verse he is considering for an untitled b-side about marrying a bull fighter, which features the lyrics “She was marrying a matador/And he was with a weather girl/A very clever girl who stood amongst several once/ A terrible dilemma and forever he’ll regret the day/He didn’t make the rescue from the bullring.”