Arctic Monkeys attacked by bedbugs

Alex Turner's side project features some unusual collaborators

It has been revealed that Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and The Rascals singer Miles Kane were joined by some rather unwelcome ‘visitors’ when they travelled to a farm in France to collaborate.

Miles Kane explained the pair were surprised to uncover an army of bedbugs when they settled down to the first night in their new home: “There were loads of animals outside — it was a proper farm and the fella who runs it used to cook our tea every night.

“Al [Turner] and I shared a massive room with six little beds,” Kane told the Liverpool Echo, “and they all had fleas and bedbugs. I would move beds every night but they still found me.

“I had loads of bites on my ankles. Maybe I’ve got sweet blood,” he joked.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the duo are currently recording under the name ‘Turner And Kane’ with producer James Ford and an album should be due for release sometime in 2008, after The Rascals put out their debut album.