Arctic Monkeys reveal video plans

The band are back home in Sheffield

Arctic Monkeys have been back in Sheffield making the video for their new single.

In a rare break from their relentless touring schedule, the band are making the clip for ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’.

And in a change from the performance videos, or ones not featuring the band at all, all four members have been out on location on Shoreham Street near the city’s Leadmill and Gatecrasher venues.

Drummer Matt Helders told BBC Radio Sheffield: “It’s all around this road really, we’ve got a few other bits to do as well. I don’t want to give anything away yet. It’s quite an interesting one to watch, probably be more understandable when you watch it than me trying to tell you about it.”

And he was quick to play down the drama over the installation of new bassist Nick O’Malley. “He replaced Andy on the American tour and it just kinda stayed that way,” Helders continued.

Arctic Monkeys release ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’ on August 14.