Arctic Monkeys play biggest gig yet

Despite only releasing one single band headline top London venue

Arctic Monkeys played the biggest gig of their career so far in London last night (October 6).

Despite only releasing one single – the limited edition ‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’ – three months ago, the band headlined a sold out show at the Astoria to an enthusiastic and sweaty crowd.

They played the following set:


‘Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’

‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’

‘Still Take You Home’

‘View From The Afternoon’

‘Ritz To The Rubble’

‘You Probably Couldn’t See’


‘Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…’

‘Dancing Shoes’

‘Red Light’

‘Mardy Bum’

‘Sun Goes Down’

‘Certain Romance’

The gig, which was twice upgraded from smaller venues in the capital, was part of the Arctic Monkeys‘ current UK tour, which continues in Portsmouth tonight (October 7).