Arctic Monkeys hit written with ex-girlfriend

'Fluorescent Adolescent' co-lyricist speaks

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner co-wrote current Top Five hit ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ with his ex-girlfriend.

Johanna Bennett explained that the song’s lyrics were written while she was going out with the band’s frontman last year.

“We were on holiday and had cut ourselves off from everything. We were in a really quiet hotel and didn’t watch TV or listen to that much music,” she told The Observer. “So as not to drive each other mad we started messing around with these words like game, singing them to each other.”

She added: “It’s great to think that it came from something we did for fun on holiday. It’ll always be a good memory for Alex and I. He doesn’t usually write lyrics with other people, though I think he enjoyed it.”

Bennett is the frontwoman of the band Totalizer, whose demos have been produced by Dirty Pretty Things guitarist Anthony Rossomando.

She explained that “the band was something Alex really encouraged me to do”.

Totalizer plan to release their debut single next year.