Arctic Monkeys ‘autobiographical’ new album was nearly an Alex Turner solo album

"It's definitely not a guitar-heavy record"

Arctic Monkeys have spoken out about the lyrical approach and bold new direction in sound on upcoming album, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino‘ – revealing that they at one point discussed releasing it as an Alex Turner solo album.

The band’s upcoming sixth album is just around the corner, with ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ dropping via Domino on May 11. After the runaway success of predecessor ‘AM‘, Alex Turner and co have revealed that writing songs on a piano this time around led to enjoy a greater freedom both in sound and expression.

“I’ve tricked myself into writing – by sitting at the piano, doing this thing that I haven’t done before,” Turner told MOJO. “That gave me permission to go somewhere I’d had trouble getting to before. It allowed me to put across how I feel more, more… broadly than before.”


Guitarist Jamie Cook went on to reveal that they had no intention of making ‘AM 2’, and that the album was at one point considered as a Turner solo record instead.

“I think at first, because it was quite basic – piano, vocal and no guitar – Al was in two minds about, ‘is this Arctic Monkeys or am I going somewhere else with this’,” said Cook. “And maybe at first I was a bit like that as well. It’s not definitely not a guitar-heavy record, not typically what we’d do. It took a lot more thinking about.”

Arctic Monkeys, 2018

The opening line of the album on the track ‘Star Treatment’ sees Turner sing the lyric: “I just wanted to be one of The Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make / Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase, miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway.”

Turner went on to reveal in the interview that he had no inhibitions in delivering the line as he looked back on his youth.

“Did The Strokes line feel too close to home? Yeah, absolutely. But you can’t let that stop you,” Turner told MOJO. “That whole thing of ‘Oh my God, what they gonna think this means? You can’t really work like that.”


Asked if the lyrics were written in a more “autobiographical” manner than before, Turner replied: “Well, the album sort of all is. I’m having a word with myself, intermittently, throughout all 11 tunes.”

Arctic Monkeys release ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ on May 11, a week after they kick off their huge 2018 world tour.

Meanwhile, fans have also recently started a petition for the BBC to air a special programme about the band.

The Beeb’s At The BBC live specials have seen artists ranging from Adele and Sam Smith to Harry Styles and U2 performing in front of a studio audience. Following the announcement of Arctic Monkeys’ new album, a fan of the Sheffield band has started a petition in an attempt to wish Arctic Monkeys at the BBC into fruition.

“With the release of Arctic Monkeys’ sixth album approaching, it’s time for the BBC to celebrate one of the finest British bands of the 21st century at their peak in a one-hour television special,” the petition reads.

“After recent BBC shows focusing on Sam Smith and U2, the format would be the perfect opportunity to showcase Arctic Monkeys and the top quality British songwriting of Alex Turner to a national audience.”