Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders and Milburn’s Joe Carnall’s new side project unveil new single ‘Silk and Leather’

Meet Good Cop Bad Cop

Arctic Monkeys’ drummer Matt Helders and  Milburn‘s Joe Carnall have shared ‘Silk and Leather’, the first track to emerge from their new side project Good Cop Bad Cop.

The new track was written by Carnall and produced by Helders, who came onboard after Joe sent a selection of early demos to Matt’s home in Los Angeles.

After listening to the early offerings, Helders offered to come on board and produced the record at his own home studio.


Now, the first offering suggests that they’re heading in a new direction altogether. Although both are traditionally renowned for their guitar-led sounds, it sees them experimenting with synths for a track that wouldn’t sound entirely out of place on a mid-’80s dancefloor.

The new track comes after Helders confirmed that he was also working on his own solo album – and compared it to the work of horror maestro John Carpenter.

Speaking to KEXP, Helders explained: “I’ve got a little studio set up at home now that, when I’m there, I can commit some time to,” he said. “That’s basically old drum machines and synthesisers – a bit more electronic and a bit more like soundtrack-y, like a John Carpenter kind of thing.”

He continued: “There isn’t really a goal for what it will be yet. I’m just trying to drop in the tools in case, whether it’s a score or a record or what. I’m just enjoying it as a hobby and, when that leads to something, I think that feels a bit better for me when it’s, like, just something I wanted to do and have interest in.”


Outside of Arctic Monkeys, Helders has worked with Iggy Pop on his ‘Post Pop Depression‘ album and has taken an interest in photography.

He is also planning to open a cafe in Sheffield.