Are The 1975 about to drop their new album?

Band have delivered a 'white out' on social media

The 1975 have sparked speculation that their third album ‘Music For Cars’ could be coming soon, as they prepare for their “next phase”.

The band released second record ‘I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It’ in 2016. It was named as NME‘s best record of that year.

An EP called ‘Music For Cars’ was released in 2013 and that band have confirmed that their next record will also go by that title.


Now, fans have noticed that the group’s members have all changed their social media accounts to display a plain white image. See that ‘white out’ below. The band’s manager Jamie Oborne recently hinted that it was part of the group’s “next phase”.

The 1975 did a similar thing in 2015 when they changed their social media platforms to display a new pink “identity”, hinting at the pink cover art of their ‘I Like It When You Sleep’ album.

It is now being speculated that the band could be set to officially announce ‘Music For Cars’ shortly, and that the record could come with white cover art.

Frontman Matty Healy also appeared to tease the “next phase” by tweeting: “It’s happening..”


The band have also been posting black and white photos from the studio to Twitter:

Although an official release date for the record is yet to be confirmed, Matty Healy has constantly stated on Twitter that it will be released in June.

However, a Guardian article looking at music coming up in 2018 recently suggested that ‘Music For Cars’ would be released in April.

Explaining the title, Healy previously told NME: “‘Music For Cars’ was an EP named for our love for Brian Eno. We’re using it as the album title now because of how meta and self-referential everything has become in the world of The 1975, and ‘Music For Cars’ was always my favourite title of everything we’d ever done, so it kinda made sense to wrap it up that way.”

Meanwhile, The 1975 recently surprised their fans by releasing ‘DH00278’, a live album recorded during their shows at London’s O2 Arena in December 2016.