Arena at Glastonbury to be made entirely from recycled plastic

A brilliant initiative

A dance arena in Glastonbury festival’s Shangri-La area will be built from reused plastic.

The ‘Gas Tower’ 360-degree arena, which will host sets by artists and DJs including Subfocus and Bicep, will be made from plastic found on beaches, streets, and parks.

The festival has banned the sale of plastic bottles at this year’s event, which kicks off on June 26.


Glastonbury's Shangri-La
Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

Organisers told BBC News that they need 10 tonnes of plastic in order to construct the space. The first beach clean held to contribute to the project is happening this Saturday, May 11.

Exeter City Council will process the collected rubbish before it’s recycled into materials fit for the stage.

The scheme, which is being run by Keep Britain Tidy and the Orca Sound Project in collaboration with Shangri-La Glastonbury, has been described as a groundbreaking initiative.

Kaye Dunnings, creative director of Shangri-La, called it an “important, pioneering project” and “a total game-changer” [via BBC News].


Plastic for the arena will be collected between May 11 and May 23 around the south west of England.

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