Ariana Grande forced to cancel shows because of allergic reaction to tomatoes

"There is nothing more unfair than an Italian woman developing an allergy to tomatoes in her mid twenties."

Ariana Grande has been forced to cancel two shows after she had an unexpected allergic reaction to tomatoes.

The shows, which were due to take place in Florida this week, had to be cancelled after the star lost her voice following the allergic reaction.

In a post on Instagram, Grande wrote: “We discovered ….. that ….. i had an unfortunate allergic reaction to tomatoes and my throat pretty much closed,” Grande explained in a post to Instagram. “still feels like i’m swallowing a cactus but slowly making progress! thank u all for your love and understanding. can’t wait to get back to performing and to make it up to Tampa and Orlando in November.”


Last week, a wax statue of Grande was unveiled, but fans didn’t think it looked anything like the pop star.

Madame Tussauds London debuted the new wax figure on May 21 much to the confusion of Ariana Grande fans, who were asked by the wax museum beforehand for input regarding the singer’s outfit.

“You chose Classic Ari! Now we have her style nailed, you can see Ariana Grande at Madame Tussauds London for 5 weeks from Friday,” the museum captioned photos of the figure on social media.

Dressed in an oversized sweatshirt, thigh-high black boots and her signature ponytail, the ‘7 rings’ singer’s figurine has been met with mockery ever since it was unveiled, with many fans saying it doesn’t resemble Grande at all.

“omg this wax figure looks like ariana grande…on crack,” one person wrote. Another said: “tell that wax figure to move so i can see ariana’s wax figure.”

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is reportedly being sued by a photographer after the pop star posted a photo he had taken of her.

The singer faces legal action from paparazzo Robert Barbera, who alleges that she violated copyright law by posting two pictures of herself on social media. The photos, who Barbera took in 2018, show the singer walking out of a building while holding a bag sporting the name of her ‘Sweetener’ album. Grande posted the pictures on Instagram and Twitter last August to coincide with the record’s release.