Watch Madonna quote ‘Pulp Fiction’ in Ariana Grande’s video for ‘God Is A Woman’

It's the latest track to emerge from 'Sweetener'

Ariana Grande has debuted the video for new track ‘God Is A Woman’, and it features a cameo from the Queen of Pop herself.

The sultry jam follows the release of ‘The Light Is Coming’, which featured Nicki Minaj, and her comeback single ‘No Tears Left To Cry’.

Now, we’ve been treated to the video – and it sees Madonna reciting Samuel L Jackson’s ‘Ezekiel 25:17’ scene  from the iconic Quentin Tarantino film.


“And you will KNOW my name is the lord when I lay my vengeance upon you”, Madonna’s voice is heard to say.

It was previously announced that ‘Sweetener’ will drop on August 17. It’s her first album since 2016’s ‘Dangerous Woman’.

Although the full track listing for the record is yet to be revealed, Grande’s fans became convinced earlier this week that she’s working with Madonna.

Posting on Twitter, the ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ singer posted a snap that showed her visible emotion upon meeting the music icon.


Although a seemingly innocuous post, Ariana’s fans noticed an emoji of the Golden Gate Bridge – which she’s previously used when talking about new music.

Earlier this month, Grande opened up on the devastating effects of the Manchester Arena bombing.

The star had just finished performing at the venue in 2017 when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device, killing 22 people and injuring 59.

Speaking to Elle, Grande said: “You hear about these things. You see it on the news, you tweet the hashtag. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. It makes you sad, you think about it for a little, and then people move on.

“But experiencing something like that firsthand, you think of everything differently,” she continued. “Everything is different.” She added that getting back onstage was “terrifying”, but “it’s the most inspiring thing in the world that these kids pack the venue.”


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