Ariana Grande says she’s a ‘huge fan of bbq grills’ after getting misspelled Japanese tattoo

Her new Kanji tat was meant to say '7 Rings'

Ariana Grande has responded after Twitter users pointed out her new Japanese tattoo meant something completely different to its intended translation.

The star had shared a photo of a new tattoo on her palm, which featured Kanji characters. Kanji is used in both Chinese and Japanese but has completely different meanings in each.

Grande had gotten the tattoo, which she wanted to translate as ‘7 Rings’, to celebrate her latest single hitting number one in the US charts. In Chinese, the inking translates to “7 rounds” or “7 wheels”. In Japanese, it translates to “shichirin”, which is a small barbecue grill.


After one Twitter user pointed out the mistake, the star replied, explaining she was aware of the misspelling but couldn’t get the extra characters needed to correct it because of the pain. “it hurt like fuck n still looks tight,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough, I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time.”

“Also….. huge fan of tiny bbq grills,” she added.

Some Twitter users have called Grande “ignorant” for her comments about the tattoo. “Girl, it’s not an aesthetic for you to wear like that,” one person wrote. “It’s like someone getting a “no regerts” tattoo and saying “it still looks tight”. No, it looks dumb and makes you look ignorant.”

Another tweeted: “I used to love Ariana Grande and I think a part of me always will but I can’t get with the cultural appropriation from 7 rings and now this bbq “7 rings” tattoo. Like it’s okay to like another culture but idk her interest in Japan (and Japanese) is very ignorant to me.”


“Ariana Grande getting a bad tattoo in a language she doesn’t speak after getting called out for cultural appropriation is karma,” another added.

‘7 Rings’ is the latest track to be released from Grande’s upcoming new album ‘Thank U, Next’. The record, which comes just six months after her last release ‘Sweetener’, will be released on February 8.

Last week (January 26), it was reported that the track had broken the UK record for the most streams of a song in a week. It was streamed 16.9 million times in one week, beating the previous record held by Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by 1.6 million.