Ariana Grande facing backlash over launch of her own non-Vegan Starbucks drink

The 'Cloud Macchiato' isn't going down so well with some

Ariana Grande is facing a backlash over news that she’s teamed up with Starbucks to launch her own drink, the ‘Cloud Macchiato’.

The singer, with her name appropriately sounding like an exotic coffee, posted a series of coffee related emojis on Twitter and teased further news on March 5. Starbucks then responded by tweeting a near-identical response, which Grande proceeded to retweet.

While neither party refused to reveal more, it sparked a fair bit of speculation among her fans until the news was later confirmed.


“Are we getting an Ariana x Starbucks special drink?,” wrote one fan.

Another joked: “i’m confused what ariana and starbucks are doing together but i’ll still buy it.”


Now, some fans have taken to Twitter to criticise Grande for promoting a non-Vegan drink after previously claiming to be vegetarian herself. You can see some of the reaction here:

The unexpected collaboration comes during several weeks of surprising headlines for Grande. Last week, it was reported that both her and Ed Sheeran’s music was banned in an Indonesian province after being deemed pornographic.

West Java’s broadcasting commission has singled out 85 tracks, including 17 western pop songs, for containing adult content.

In a notice issued on Tuesday, the notoriously conservative province warned that the offending tracks should only be played or broadcast on air between the hours of  10pm and 3am.

As well as Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ and Grande’s ‘Love Me Harder’, Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I Like’ has also been called out for pornographic material.