Ariana Grande reduced to tears as Mancunians praise her response to terror attack

"Thank you for loving our city"

Ariana Grande became visibly emotional during her BBC special last night as she heard from Manchester natives who praised her response to the 2017 arena bombing.

In an interview with Davina McCall, the ‘Sweetener’ singer appeared visibly upset after watching a clip that saw the people of Manchester explaining how they have taken the singer to heart.

The singer was widely praised for her response to the attack in May 2017, which claimed the lives of 22 people after a suicide bomber attacked Manchester Arena as fans left her concert.


“Thank you for loving our city and thank you for coming back so soon”, one Mancunian said in the clip.

Another is heard to say: “Music was part of the coming together of Manchester, part of the healing of Manchester.”

“The outpouring of love, not just from Manchester from many the nation means we have all taken you slightly under our wing, because you came back”, Davina McCall admitted after the clip aired.

““We just wanted to say thank you”.


Grande replied: “Thank you, thank you so much.”

Earlier this year, Grande opened up on her decision to return to touring shortly after the attack.

“You try not to give in to fear because obviously, that’s the whole point of being here – that was the point of finishing my tour. You want to not be afraid, because of course, that’s what [the terrorists] want. If you give them that, then they’ve won”, she said.