Ariana Grande restarts live performance for fan who wasn’t filming it

"Ok, are you ready?"

Ariana Grande has proved her commitment to fans after restarting an entire song again for one audience member who wasn’t filming it.

The moment came as the singer hosted a ‘hangout’ with fans as she showcased  new album ‘Sweetener’ on Sunday evening.

When she started performing ‘Raindrops’, one fan called out ‘Wait, I wasn’t recording’. Incredibly, Grande then stopped the show for 1600 fans a at Los Angeles’ Ace Theatre and started all over again.


“Omg I said wait I wasn’t ready start again and Ariana f**king heard me and started again!!”, the fan wrote as they shared a video of the moment on Twitter.

In the clip, Ariana is seen pausing before shouting: “Wait, did you just say “Start again I wasn’t recording?”.

“Ok, are you ready?”, she says before starting over once more.

The show also saw Grande being introduced on-stage by fiancee Pete Davidson.

Earlier this month, NME hailed ‘Sweetener’ as a “left-field collection of pop bangers”.


“Thankfully, Ariana’s such as star that she can turn some of the album’s most left-field cuts into effortlessly charming pop gold. A year down the line, we’ll perhaps look back at this record and appreciate its quirks and nuances a little more”, our verdict stated.

“Until then, Ariana’s core fanbase are bound to find an instant, sugar-rush of pleasure in this fascinating side-step from an artist who – until now – has made her name by stomping down the traditional pop path.”