Ariana Grande urges her fans to get their coronavirus vaccinations

The singer said she is "vaxxed n masked"

Ariana Grande has encouraged her fans and followers on social media to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

The singer shared an image of herself wearing a face mask yesterday (August 1) along with the caption “vaxxed n masked”.

“This is your gentle reminder to please get your vaccines if you are eligible,” Grande wrote. “This thing is not yet over.”


Grande shared a link in her post to a John Hopkins Medicine website, as well as a number of social media accounts run by doctors, in a bid to “help anybody who is hesitant or curious with making their decision” over getting the vaccine.

“This delta variant is very new and since data is changing all the time, I’ll source some links for you to stay up to speed yourself but so far… we do know that it spreads much more easily compared to previous variants,” she continued.

“Most of the spread is among unvaccinated people and in areas with low vaccination rates! And yes although you can still get it while vaccinated, the vaccine helps to protect against severe illness, hospitalisation, and death!

“All great things to be protected against in my book. Oh and if you have already gotten sick with COVID-19, you should STILL get vaccinated!”

In the US, over 164 million people have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, according to the CDC. Over 191 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine.


Grande will perform a number of virtual shows this weekend for players in the video game Fortnite.