Ariana Grande’s fans don’t know who the Spice Girls are

They thought lyrics by the British girl group were a teaser for Grande's fourth album

Ariana Grande has caused confusion amongst her fans by tweeting Spice Girls lyrics.

The singer shared some lines from the British girl group’s song ‘Say You’ll Be There’, but followers mistook the lyrics to be a teaser of material from her fourth album.

“I’m…… giving you evvvvverything all that joooooooy can bring, this i swear,” Grande posted over two tweets.

“new song? spill the [teacup emoji]” one fan wrote in response. Another asked the singer to “like this if these are lyrics”.

Minutes later, Grande confirmed the lyrics weren’t a hint of new material. “omg they’re spice girls lyrics not A4 tea am i old” the 24-year-old wrote, as MTV reports.

Earlier this year, Grande was made an honorary citizen of Manchester following a unanimous vote by the city’s councillors.

The singer has been honoured for her efforts in organising the One Love Manchester charity concert, which raised funds for the victims of the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on May 22 which claimed 22 lives following a concert Grande gave at the venue.

After One Love Manchester raised nearly £3 million for the victims’ fund, Grande was identified by Manchester City Council in June as one of the first figures to be recognised under the city’s revamped honours system.