Ariel Pink: ‘Everybody’s a victim except for small, white, nice guys’

Singer speaks out about online hate campaign against him

Ariel Pink has responded to charges of misogyny against him by claiming that everyone’s a victim “except for white nice guys” and comparing Twitter’s mob mentality to the Hutu Power movement.

The Los Angeles-based musician was recently accused of misogyny after he commented on the “downward slide” of Madonna’s career while simultaneously stating he had been asked to work on her new album.

This led to a denial by Madonna, who “has no interest working with mermaids”, according to her manager, as well as to hoards of online criticism by the pop queen’s most diehard fans. “Keep yourself in your irrelevant world, u’re [sic] nobody”, one tweeted. The conversation garnered further attention after Myspace tweeted: “Ariel Pink is indie rock’s most hated man right now.”


Speaking to the New Yorker about his feelings of persecution, Pink said: “What if I committed suicide and tweeted, ‘Thank you, guys. You were right’? This is how, uh, Rwanda happened.”

“Everybody’s a victim, except for small, white, nice guys who just want to make their moms proud and touch some boobies.”

Pink, 36, is no stranger to controversy. He recently revealed how he was maced in the face by a woman in LA after an argument over who would pay for lunch. But in the interview, he described his new album ‘Pom Pom’ as a maturation. “My life project is to chill out and grow up,” he said. “I’m six years older than my dad was when he had me, and I just realised, you know, if I wait to have a kid, will I even be around to see him be my age?”

Pink also debuted his new song ‘Black Ballerina’ this week and announced a 2015 tour.