Ariel Pink recalls time he was maced in the face by ‘a feminist’

Woman scratched the word 'asshole' into singer-songwriter's car too

Ariel Pink has revealed the full story of the time he was maced in the face by a woman in LA – watch the video below.

Pink told the tale on YouTube show Alexi In Bed, which is hosted by Alexi Wasser. He had previously tweeted about the incident in 2013.

The singer begins the tale by saying, “I got maced by a feminist.” He goes on to recount a story in which, going for a smoothie with a woman he had spent the previous night with, an argument broke out over who should pay. “She was young, she was nice, I thought everything was cool,” he said. “She talked about her dad all night… and, I listened, whatever.”


Having argued that “she makes her own money, she can fucking pay for her own lunch”, Pink says he “let her shout at the top of her lungs at me for a long time” then said, “Shut your mouth, little girl, respect your elders, and fucking get out of here.”

Pink says the woman followed him from the establishment and maced him while yelling, “Take that, you bitch.” She then proceeded to break the windscreen and rear-view mirrors on his car and scratched ‘asshole’ into the paintwork.

Hell Hath Fury. On Sunday I was maced in cold blood on Sunset. Come to a half hr later, cracked windshield van on life support.

— Ariel Pink (@arielxpink) July 8, 2013

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti released their latest album, ‘Mature Themes’, in August 2012.