Gary Numan's 1979 classic recorded by both the dance star and the 'Star Trek' legend...

Gary Numan‘s 1979 classic ‘Cars’ single is being covered by ARMAND VAN HELDEN and actor WILLIAM SHATNER.

Van Helden has used the track as the basis for his new single ‘Coochie’, out on May 8 through ffrr, but Shatner is planning to record his own version of ‘Cars’ in the style of his legendary 1968 ‘concept album’ ‘The Transformed Man’. The album featured Shatner covering The Beatles’ ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Hey Mr Tambourine Man’ as if they were works of Shakespeare.

Shatner plans to perform the song on US TV, and there are tentative plans to include it on a new album by the ex-‘Star Trek’ actor.


Speaking to about Armand Van Helden‘s new mix, Gary Numan said: “It’s the first time I’ve been on Radio One since I can remember that’s for sure – normally on my birthday they play something.

“It’s all right actually. I’m not really familiar with Van Helden‘s other stuff, cos I’m not really into dance and so on.

“Someone sent me an email saying someone’s done a dance mix of ‘Cars’ and I just thought ‘Oh bollocks! It’s going to be all beepy and so on’ but I was pleasantly surprised because it sounds very very powerful and it’s one of the few dance things that I’ve actually genuinely liked.”

Despite the fact that Armand‘s single is being tipped to top the UK charts, Numan was more excited about William Shatner‘s cover version.

He said: “That’s fucking my career done. In a nice way, I might as well quit now – that’s the bollocks.

“I’m a right Star Trek fan – Captain Kirk doing one of your songs – what could be a better accolade than that? That’s brilliant.”


Last year, Numan teamed up with industrial metallers Fear Factory to record a version of ‘Cars’ but is now working on his new, as-yet-untitled album with plans to release it through Eagle/BMG later this year.

Meanwhile, Armand Van Helden‘s new album ‘Killing Puritans’ is out on May 29 through ffrr. It’s the follow-up to his last album ‘2 Future 4 U’.

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