The Armed troll Frank Turner with new single ‘FT. FRANK TURNER’, which features Frank Carter on the cover

He is NOT Frank Carter.

Post-hardcore punk band The Armed have trolled Frank Turner using the release of their latest single, which features Frank Carter on the cover.

‘FT. FRANK TURNER’ is the 42nd single in the ‘Adult Swim’ series, and in no way, shape or form does it feature Frank Turner – or at least with his consent anyway.

The Armed have trolled the British singer/songwriter by releasing their new single with some artwork depicting Frank Carter, formerly of the Gallows, and now frontman for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. Not only that, the song itself features some unreleased vocals from Turner, or so he has identified.


Listen to ‘FT. FRANK TURNER’ below:

Admitting to being a fan of The Armed, Turner revealed in a tweet that the song “uses some recorded vocals of mine from a session about 8 years ago (a song I never finished).”

He added: “I can see a connect because I demo’d that song with Kurt Ballou once upon a time. Don’t really care about the obvious provocateur stuff (pretty funny really, including pic of @frankcarter23) but not very stoked about recordings getting used like that.”

Going on to explain that he reached out to various people who were involved in the recording of the song, according to Turner no one was getting back to him.


According to Stereogum, The Armed continued to poke fun at Turner by responding to his tweets. “It saddens us to hear that he’s upset about the song. We’ve been big fans of Gallows for a long time,” they reportedly joked.

Meanwhile, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes will be supporting Foo Fighters at a series of huge shows this summer.