Arnold, on tour in the US, are in touch with fans at home via a daily Internet diary...

Arnold, currently on tour in the United States, are keeping in touch with their UK fans via a daily Internet diary being penned by guitarist Mark Saxby.

Saxby has been keeping the diary for the last week, since the band touched down in the US for their trawl across the continent. They will return to the UK at the end of the month before touring Britain as guests of Neil Finn.

Saxby came up with the idea himself, says a Creation Records spokesman, and so far the Arnold daily US tour diary has chronicled the band’s clashes with American cuisine (“never eat grits. It’s like semolina pudding with puddles of margarine all over it.”), shopping for Hawaiian-print shirts and busking in inner-city crime zones. Arnold’s daily travails can be enjoyed at


The band may extend the tour diary during their Finn supports and further gigs with Bernard Butler in October. The Creation spokesperson says there are plans to involve more bands in such activities through the Creation website, which is currently being extensively re-designed and will be on-line again in the near future at

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