ARO’s Aimée Osbourne on new video ‘House Of Lies’ and stepping out of her famous family’s shadow

Aimée Osbourne, often known as the quietest daughter of rock's first family, has finally released her debut album. She tells NME why it's time to do things on her own terms

Aimée Osbourne has shared the striking new video for ‘House of Lies’, the latest single to be unveiled under by the singer under the moniker ARO. Check it out first on NME.

Taken from debut album ‘Vacare Adamare’, it sees Osbourne showing off her darkened blend of pulsing synth-pop, which proves she’s a world away from the typical sounds of rock’s first family.

But, as Aimée reveals, a collaboration with Ozzy might be on the cards in the near future – even if she’s just focusing on doing things her own way, for the moment.


See the video first below, along with our chat with Aimée discussing inspiration, family ties and much, much more.


Hello, Aimée Osbourne! How have you found the madness of 2020?

Aimée: “For me, personally, it hasn’t been too bad. It’s forced me to be a bit more vigilant with myself and think about how I’m spending my time. I’ve been trying to keep healthy and fit and the release of the record has kept me occupied, which is quite nice. I know it’s not been so great for everyone, so I just feel pretty lucky.”

You’ve just released your debut album as ARO. Why did now feel like the perfect time to step out on your own?

“It just ended up coming together during the most unpleasant year of everyone’s life, or so it would seem. The record company asked if I wanted to delay until 2021, but I just thought you know what? People really need music right now to keep their creativity going and to switch their focus away from stress. A small part of me thought about delaying, but I thought ‘Screw it, I’m gonna take a risk and release it and see what happens’.”

You’re releasing the video for ‘House of Lies’ today. What can you tell us about that?

“With the video, I’d always had this vision that fitted the song. The song has this hypnotic, driving feel to it and I wanted the imagery to reflect that. It was fun, but putting all these contrasting images together was quite tedious.”

You’ve said that your sound is influenced by dance icons like Portishead and Goldfrapp too, which seems quite a way from what people might reasonably expect from an Osbourne…


“Well, those sounds have been my influences since I was 13. I grew up completely mesmerised by the whole Bristol sound, artists like Tricky and Portishead. PJ Harvey was a big one too, so that was very much where I felt at home sonically. Your influences just influence you! But I do love all genres, there isn’t one genre that I haven’t dived into and found something that I love about it. That genre specifically is what I felt most connected to.”

Given the musical calibre of your family, did you bounce ideas off them while making this record?

“Oh no! Definitely not [laughs]. I’m quite private about my writing process, and even with my friends I wasn’t someone showing every step and every demo along the way. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I didn’t want anyone’s opinions outside of who I was working with. I really wanted to feel like it was something that I could 100 percent be proud of and stand by before anyone heard it.”

Aimee Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne and Aimée Osbourne. CREDIT: Getty

Have you played it to them since its release?

“Yeah! My dad [Ozzy] really likes a lot of songs on the album and I think my mum [Sharon] does, although I’ve haven’t asked her. I’ve just been blessed with some incredible friends  who have supported it. It’s just great to finally get the release off my back.”

You’ve released the songs under the moniker ARO. Is that a conscious decision to step away from the spotlight and associations that come with the Osbourne name?

‘Yes, absolutely. My motivation for the music has never been huge fame, or huge success. These things are great if you can handle them, but I really wanted the music to speak for itself and I wanted to give it a fair chance. That’s why I came up with an alternative name for the project. But that’s not to say in a few years I might release something under a different name. But right now, for my sense of independence, that’s why I did it as well.”

Have you managed to see much of your family this year, or has the pandemic affected that?

“It’s been quite nice, because I’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time with my parents, just helping out. Initially, the lockdown happened and the news told us about this devil virus that was out there killing everybody. Everybody was terrified, including us, because no one wants to think about their friends or family getting his horrendous virus.

“It was really stressful and I think coming together and being supportive and re-evaluating what’s important in life has been this universal message that we’ve all had to face. I’m lucky that I got to do that with my parents and it’s just been quite nice.”

The Osbournes in the mid-noughties. Aimée: centre. Credit: Alamy

Ozzy, too, has been forced to delay his live comeback after his various health issues last year. He must be raring to get back to live shows now.

“Absolutely. Any touring musician at this point is just itching to get back out there and he’s definitely feeling that. But y’know, not until it’s safe. It’s not worth the risk. I’m hoping in the next six to twelve months that we’ll back to doing what we love.”

How’s the rehabilitation process after his spinal surgery last year?

“He’s doing really well. He’s a dedicated and regimented person, so he’s doing everything he’s supposed to be doing and he’s definitely improving.”

Kelly recorded ‘Changes’ with him back in 2003. Is an Aimée and Ozzy duet on the cards?

“It’s possible! Although I think I might be pushing him into my genre and not vice versa, which would be quite cool! We’ll see.”

We know that Ozzy likes to step out of his comfort zone too – he duetted with Post Malone!

“He really enjoyed that, and all the tweets where some kids tweeted ‘Oh my god, Post Malone’s recorded a song with this amazing new artist, has anyone ever heard of Ozzy Osbourne? We all had a good laugh at that.”

And just finally, what’s the latest with the Ozzy & Sharon biopic. Is it still happening?

“Yes, it’s still happening, and I’ve been helping them with that as well. I think we’re getting ready to start casting too, which is really exciting. Finding the right kind of actors to portray them is going to be challenging, but we’re looking forward to finding some newcomers.

“I think authenticity, vulnerability, charisma, all those kinds of things will needed to play them, because they’re just both so unique. It’s definitely going to be challenging, and as excited as I am, it’s going to be intense to find someone who can embody a challenging mix of characteristics for both of them. But I have faith we will find the right people.”

‘Vacare Adamaré by ARO is out now. 

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