Art Brut’s Eddie Argos for Eurovision 2010?

Fans call for Glam Chops to represent UK in contest

Art Brut’s Eddie Argos could be representing the UK at Eurovision next year after an online campaign supported by hundreds of fans and the man himself.

A Facebook group is calling for Argos‘ side project Glam Chops to represent the UK has now gathered over 700 members in support.

Meanwhile, the singer has discussed the idea on his blog, and said he would be up for taking on the challenge.

“I really was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t set up by my mum or a member of Glam Chops,” he wrote of the campaign. “I love Eurovision. I don’t know how likely our chances of playing on it are, but you never know.”

Londoner Jade Ewen will represent the UK this year after winning the BBC‘s talent show ‘Your Country Needs You’.

However the Art Brut frontman explained that it might be his turn in 2010.

Mr Solo/The Vessel from David Devant and His Spirit Wife who is also in Glam Chops nearly won it for Spain in 2008 with his song CHIKI CHIKI,” he explained. “So perhaps we’re in with a chance.”