Art Brut: ‘We’ll drink with The Enemy, not Kaiser Chiefs’

Band kick off UK tour in singer Eddie Argos' hometown of Poole

Art Brut kicked off their UK tour with an intimate gig in singer Eddie Argos‘ hometown Poole last night (April 26).

The band, who released their third album ‘Art Brut Vs Satan’ recently, played a set at the Mr Kyp’s venue which holds just 300 people, finding time to namecheck both The Enemy and Kaiser Chiefs.

Argos altered the lyrics to an extended version of ‘Moving To LA’ during the set to: “I want to drink a mojito with Karen O… a Stella with Paul Weller… a pink gin with Vera Lynn… half a Stella with The Enemy… and I’m not drinking with the Kaiser Chiefs.”


The frontman was on chatty form, recalling stories of his youth working in local bars, restaurants and fast-food outlets. “I’m going to try and relate every song to Parkstone,” he said. He added: “This one is about my little brother. He hates it. He thinks it’s patronising,” before launching into 2004 single ‘My Little Brother’.

Later in the set he alluded to local girl Emily Kane – the inspiration for the band’s 2005 single of the same name – but disappointed the crowd by informing them she was not in attendance. “Unfortunately she isn’t here,” Argos said, “probably because she’s scared of me, but she lives approximately 13 and a half minutes away.”

Art Brut played:

‘Alcoholics Unanimous’
‘My Little Brother’
‘What A Rush’
‘Modern Art’
‘Demons Out!’
‘Emily Kane’
‘Moving To LA’
‘Direct Hit’
‘DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes’
‘Slap Dash For No Cash’
‘Summer Job’
‘Bang Bang Rock and Roll’
‘Twist And Shout’
‘Bad Weekend’
‘Post Soothing Out’
‘Good Weekend’