Art Brut let crowd pick setlist at London return

Eddie Argos and co are back in New Cross 'home'

Art Brut returned to their spiritual home of New Cross, London on Saturday (January 26) as they played a storming set in front of a packed crowd at the Amersham Arms.

The band’s first gig in the UK in some time saw them band abandon their planned setlist and let the audience decide what they played.

“It’s good to be back!” frontman Eddie Argos exclaimed as he was welcomed onstage to a huge cheer.

“To mark the occasion I’ve made two decisions,” he continued. “The first is to take off my jacket. The second is to throw the setlist into the crowd – any requests?”

This then prompted chaos in the sold-out crowd, who shouted titles back at the band throughout the entire gig.

Amongst all the shouting, Art Brut did managed to play one new track, ‘Lesson Learnt’, although afterwards Argos informed the audience, “It’s already got new lyrics”, hinting that it did not go to plan.

Clearly enjoying their return to New Cross, Argos dived into the crowd during ‘Modern Art’, and told jokes between songs all night.

Ahead of ‘Jealous Guy’ he declared: “This song is about waking your girlfriend in the middle of the night because you want a long, deep…conversation. That never gets old, does it?”

The date was a one-off before next month’s special shows at ULU in the UK capital. Art Brut play two nights at the venue: one featuring a string section and another featuring a brass section.

“We practiced with the brass section last week,” Argos explained. “It was like ‘The Commitments’, only without a real singer.”

Art Brut played:

‘Pump Up The Volume’

‘Bang Bang Rock And Roll’

‘People In Love’

‘Modern Art’

‘These Animal Menswear’

‘Blame It On The Trains’

‘Late Sunday Evening’

‘Rusted Guns Of Milan’

‘Jealous Guy’

‘Lesson Learnt’

‘Moving To LA’

‘My Little Brother’

‘St Pauli’

‘Bad Weekend’

‘I Will Survive’

‘Direct Hit’

‘Emily Kane’

‘Post Soothing Out’

‘Nag, Nag, Nag’

‘Formed A Band’

‘Good Weekend’