Art Brut singer teams up with David Devant

Eddie Argos announces new band

Art Brut’s Eddie Argos has formed a new band called Glam Chops.

Argos has teamed up with the leader of David Devant And His Spirit Wife to form the group.

The other members of the band are Tim Purr on guitar Paul Guided Missile on bass, Arec Koundarjian on saxophone Gilchrist on drums and The Panther Girls on backing vocals.

On their Myspace Page the band also say “all members of the group participate in dance routines during the performance”.

In a statement Argos describes the band as “an orthodox glam rock outfit..ripping up the glam rock rulebook and rewriting it for the day-glo, txtspk, barmy crowd generation”.

They also outlined their plans for the summer explaining they are available for festival bookings.

“Having played their debut gig at Guided Missile Club in March (under the moniker Paranoid Dog Bark), Glam Chops have emerged as front runners of this summer’s glam rock revival,” they explained. “The group is currently in negotiations to headline the main stage at Glastonbury, Eavis sticking to his original response of he’ll “see how it goes”…. You can book us via this page. Make sure Art Brut are not playing on the night you want to book us, of course. We are an orthodox glam rock outfit.”