Art Brut set for Christmas single

Eddie Argos says he's 'always wanted' a festive hit

Art BrutEddie Argos has spoken about his Christmas single collaboration.

Argos has teamed up with members of Black Box Recorder as The Black Arts.

’Christmas Number One’ will be released digitally on December 3.

Speaking about the collaboration to NME.COM, Argos said: “I guess I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas single. It’s a good thing to put on your CV isn’t it?

“I could say: ‘In Christmas 2007 I released ‘Christmas Number 1’,’ it sounds really good doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter that there’s a grammatical error to it does it. People wouldn’t remember would they?”

Argos also revealed what the group wanted to do during their London shows.

“Next year we’re doing a couple of shows in the UK. We’re playing two nights. We’re doing one night with a string section and one with a horn section. It will be like a proper pop band,” he explained.

He also said that the band were working on new material while on tour.

“The rest of the band write on the road,” he said. “I don’t write that much when I’m on tour, but when I get off the road it floods out of me. I must be secretly writing in my head, when I don’t know about it.”