Art Brut gear up for US show

Band set for biggest New York headlining slot yet

Art Brut are preparing for their biggest New York headlining show to date at the Highline Ballroom in the city.

The band will perform at the Chelsea venue to promote their second album ‘It’s A Bit Complicated’, just released in the US.

Speaking to NME.COM, singer Eddie Argos revealed that the band drew on pop influences when writing their material

“With this album we actually sat down and decided to write properly. We like pop music so we wanted to make a pop album with Weezer backing vocals and Guns N’ Roses guitar lines, make it big. Same as before but better, that’s the plan.”

Argos also told how simple pleasures helped him come up with the lyrics to the songs while the rest of the band worked in the studio.

“I tried to write the lyrics at the same time as they were writing the music but it didn’t work out because I was going mad” said the singer “So I went home and had some coffee and chocolate and thought about the words for about two weeks, went back, put them over the music, improvised a bit, and then we were finished.

I don’t have anything to do with the music and they don’t have anything to do with the words, it’s completely separate. I love the music they make, I don’t need to tell them what to do.”

The singer also revealed he didn’t have time to worry about “breaking America” as the band were making waves in the States before the band even had a chance to perform live

“I never even thought we were going to get to go to America but by the time we got there people were already enjoying it so I never really had a chance to worry about them getting it. All my favourite bands are American: Jad Fair, Jonathan Richman, The Hold Steady, Mountain Goats, Jeffrey Lewis… Americans are less cynical than English people. With ‘Emily Kane’, English people said “Oh it’s such a funny song” like it’s a pastiche of an emo song or something, but in America people are like “Wow, Emily Kane, he must have really loved her”. Which is the correct answer. I like that.”

Art Brut play the Highline Ballroom on July 9.

–By our New York staff.

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