Oasis heart Art Brut

Eddie Argos reveals Liam Gallagher's a big fan

Art Brut have discovered an unlikely fan in Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

The art rockers were asked to support the Mancunians in Europe in 2005, and during soundcheck the Oasis frontman made clear his admiration.

Liam Gallagher changed his clothes three times in one day, which I thought was pretty cool,” Argos told The Guardian of his first encounter with the singer. “I kept thinking, these must be his stage clothes now, but no. He watched our soundcheck and we were playing ’Modern Art’, and he’s going, ‘Yeah, fuckin’ ‘ave it! This one’s me favourite!’ He loved it.”

Shocked that Gallagher not only like the band, but had a favourite Art Brut song, Argos struck a conversation.

“I said to him, ‘Us supporting you is like Half Man Half Biscuit supporting U2,’ and he goes, ‘Half Man Half Biscuit? Noel used to play them all the time.’,” recalled Argos. “Then he sang me a bit of ’Trumpton Riots’. I thought, ‘Christ, this is strange, Liam Gallagher is singing ’Trumpton Riots’ by Half Man Half Biscuit to me’. It was brilliant!”

Oasis are not the band’s only new friends, as the singer admitted they and Bloc Party have made up after their feud.

“He went on the telly and called me Fatty Argos, which wasn’t very nice,” recalled the singer. “As I said at the time, that’s the kind of comment that killed Karen Carpenter. But it’s all in the past now, and we’re friends.”