Frontman Eddie Argos’ old girlfriend speaks…

ART BRUT have confirmed the details for their next single and the release of their debut album.

The New Cross clever cats will release ‘Emily Kane’ on April 18, with long player ‘Bang Bang Rock And Roll’ to follow on May 9.

Speaking to NME.COM frontman Eddie Argos confirmed that the single was inspired by his love for a girl called Emily when he was 15 years old, and then asked the actual Ms Kane to say a few words herself.

“New Year’s Eve Party 1995 was the night I was wooed by Eddie’s drunken ranting charms,” said the real life Kane. “ It was the start of a 6 month joy ride of ambling through record stores, strumming guitars, falling through bushes, running from the police, going to weddings and fumbling, most of the time boozed up on strong lager and cheap cider.”

Unfortunately all was not smooth for the young lovers. “Sadly I grew up and left him in his world of music and cider and actually had no idea he was still there, did I forget to tell him the break was off?” admitted Kane. “Ten years on I’m afraid I do have another boyfriend, sorry Eddie – I thought after the first 5 years you’d presume I moved on. But now you want kids on buses singing my name, boy do I feel guilty now.”