Art Brut frontman suffers injury in Amsterdam

'I was carried out crying' says Eddie Argos

Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos injured his back while touring in Europe.

The singer told NME.COM he thinks the injury was triggered by a move he did while on stage in Amsterdam.

“We were in Amsterdam and I completely collapsed in a restaurant. I was carried out crying,” Argos said.

“The doctor said anything can bring it on – stress or unusual movements. And I said, ‘Like skipping with a microphone lead on stage? Would that have done it? Is that an unusual movement?’ I was just showing off a bit on stage.”

Argos said that he’s on the road to recovery and the band intend to play their upcoming European dates as scheduled, with a minor twist. “I can’t drink or anything because I’m on these painkillers, so bizarrely even though I hurt my back I’m the healthiest I’ve been in ages.

“Because we’re in foreign countries I don’t think people understand I’m not dancing because I’ve got a bad back – they just think I’m trying to be really cool. We’re playing in Hamburg tomorrow (May 13) and I hope I’m better by then – I like drinking in Hamburg.”

Art Brut are in the midst of a European tour in support of their most recent album, ‘Art Brut vs Satan’. They’ll begin the North American leg of their tour in June.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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