Art Brut storm Club NME LA

Eddie Argos encourages crowd to form a band, take off their clothes

Art Brut played a storming set at Club NME Los Angeles last night (June 17), encouraging the crowd to form a band, read comics and take off their clothes.

Playing their second of a three-night residency at Spaceland, the London-based quintet ran through several tracks from their recent album ‘Art Brut Vs Satan’ including ‘DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake’ as well as older crowd-pleasers ‘My Little Brother’ and ‘Formed A Band’.

Frontman Eddie Argos told the crowd that the band had just toured DC Comics‘ offices in New York, and asked if they wanted to hear a song about it. When they cheered in response, he proceeded to change the chorus of ‘Modern Art’ to “DC Comics make me want to rock out,” and jumped into the audience to deliver an extended rant in praise of the American comic book company.

Later in the set, Argos dedicated the song ‘Demons Out’ “to The Killers, Coldplay, Muse and all those shit bands,” shouting the chorus, “the record buying public shouldn’t be voting!”

Before saying good night, Argos encouraged the band to take off their clothes, read comics, form a band and do “all those things that feel amazing.” After concluding their hour-long set with their ode to Los Angeles, ‘Moving To LA’, they returned for an encore, which included the new tune Argos penned after moving to city, aptly titled ‘Moved To LA’.

Art Brut played:

‘Alcoholics Unanimous’
‘Little Brother’
‘What A Rush’
‘Rusted Guns Of Milan’
‘Modern Art’
‘DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake’
‘The Passenger’
‘Pump Up The Volume’
‘Summer Job’
‘Bad Weekend’
‘Demons Out’
‘Direct Hit’
‘Emily Kane’
‘Slapdash For No Cash’
‘Moving To LA’
‘Formed A Band’
‘Moved To LA’

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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