They want to team up with Coldplay and Craig David to buy Southampton...

ARTFUL DODGER have spoken to NME.COM about their desire to team up with COLDPLAY and CRAIG DAVID – to buy SOUTHAMPTON FOOTBALL CLUB!

Speaking to NME.COM, Pete Devereux said that the idea occurred after he and fellow band member Mark Hill were invited to take part in a testimonial match at the Southampton football stadium The Dell.

He said: “We were involved with the testimonial game at the end of last season for Francis Benali [now on loan to comedy Nationwide League outfit Nottingham Forest] and all the top old boys were there – Alan Shearer, Neil Ruddock, Tim Flowers, Rodney Wallace, it was great!


Coldplay have said that they want to buy Southampton if they make enough money. Craig David [also from Southampton] is a big Saints fan too, so maybe we’ll all have a spot of lunch, some sandwiches and a beer or two and draw up a bid to buy the Saints!” he joked.

Elsewhere, Devereux declared he would love to work with Robbie Williams.

He said: “Robbie Williams is a top boy. Artful Dodger and Robbie Williams, that sounds wicked. Robbie Williams has got so much energy and charisma. We like to work with great, fresh performers with bundles of energy who can imbue our material with that spark, bring it to life.”

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