Stars from Mogwai, Ash and New Order are set to make guest appearances...

Arthur Baker, legendary producer, has revealed the full tracklisting of his bizarre concept album featuring members of ASH, NEW ORDER, MOGWAI, PRIMAL SCREAM and jazz saxophonist PHAROAH SANDERS.

Three years in the making, Baker‘s recently finished making the double album and hopes to get it released sometime next year. It’s possible that a track called ‘Glow’, featuring Ash‘s Tim Wheeler and Mogwai‘s Stuart Braithwaite, could be released a single after Baker described the track as “an undeniable hit”.

The tracklisting so far is ‘Real Fuckin’ Noise’ featuring Stuart Braithwaite and Clint Boon, ‘Getting the Hang Of It’, ‘Meteorites Eat At Night’, ‘Transindental Misinformation’, ‘Glow’, ‘Dreams Again’, ‘Cara Mucho’, ‘Bust The Police’, ‘The Camden Nod’, ‘Words and Music’, ‘Love Hymn’ featuring Stuart Braithwaite, Pharoah Sanders and Peter Hook, ‘1,000 Years’ featuring Mani and Stuart Braithwaite, ‘Alvainu Malkanu’ featuring Mogwai and Peter Hook, ‘Sunrise’ featuring Alonzo Bevan and ‘She Likes Noise’ featuring Mani and Clint Boon.


Meanwhile, Baker‘s also teaming up with members of the Beta Band for a new weekly event at his London-based club The Elbow Rooms in Islington.

Supported by NME and dubbed ‘Arthur Baker’s Sunday Jam’ and slated to take place every Sunday, the night will feature special one-off performances and DJ sets by groups like the Beta Band and Ash.

Baker explained: “When the Beta Band come they’ll probably play drums and percussion on top of tracks, the kind of stuff they used to do. The first time I saw the Beta Band they played a Beastie Boys party in Brixton and John was DJ-ing and they were all just banging on top of it. It was great.”

The first ‘Sunday Jam’ takes place on October 22.

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