Artist’s agent ‘threatens to bite’ gig promoter

The incident happened after the promoters stood up to the agent's "bullying"

An artist’s agent has threatened to bite a promoter following a dispute over accommodation.

French DJ Jeremy Underground was due to appear at a launch party hosted at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele, but was removed from the line-up after costing the organisers nearly £1000 in hotel fees.

As The Line Of Best Fit reports, club night hosts Abstrakt posted a statement to Facebook in which they detailed the situation. “After booking the artist a night in an expensive four star hotel, we were told that he did not approve and (despite the contract simply asking for one room in a ‘four star or five star standard hotel’) that the artist required a ‘five star hotel with a sauna and gym’,” the wrote.


They explained that they found another hotel that met those requirements and booked it, adding a further two nights to the booking at the agent’s request. The booking came to £788.

They continued: “Tonight, we received an email stating that the artist did not approve of this hotel and would only stay in the Sheraton Grand. The agent did say that the artist would reimburse us for two of the three nights at this hotel, but given that the Sheraton Grand’s cheapest room was £614 per night, we stood to lose £614 + £788 + £149 = £1,551 on the artist’s hotel room alone.”

It is with regret that we have decided to cancel the performance of Jeremy Underground at this Friday’s Abstrakt launch…

Posted by Abstrakt on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jeremy Underground’s agent insisted the Sheraton Grand must be booked to provide “the best possible performance”, at which point Abstrakt decided the booking was no longer worth the increasing costs or hassle. They emailed the agent a message, which read: “We’ve agreed that this is simply not worthwhile and that it’s best we just cut our losses. I find this so disappointing.

“It’s against everything the underground scene/house music is meant to stand for and is exactly the type of behaviour that is making so many promoters stop promoting parties – especially in small cities like Edinburgh where we do it because of our passion for the music and not to make money. Agents / artists acting like this will eventually be the downfall of the scene. We simply don’t want to work with someone like this. For these reasons, we’re going to cancel the booking.”


After receiving the message, the agent said the DJ would pay for his own hotel, but the promoters refused to put him back on the bill in a move they described as “standing firm against the agency’s bullying”. The agent then began to send threatening messages to the promoters, including two emails which said he would “bite” them.

“I am going to bite you,” read one. “And believe me you are going to loose [sic] some blood!”

Jeremy Underground later commented on the situation, apologising for his agent’s behaviour. “My agent got a bit angry,” he said. “And yes things got out of control. I know he already apologised to the promoters. I apologise on behalf of him aswell. I understand the anger – and I’m the first one in this whole situation to feel fucked – but insults are never a good choice.”